Traditional Biltong Powder – 50g

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  • 100% Dutch Beef. Traditional South African flavour.
  • High protein. No added sugar. No MSG. NO BS.
  • Salted, spiced, marinated and gently air-dried to eating perfection.

The most delicious condiment topping for a variety of foods.

Think about a salad topping, mixed in with your homemade bread, mixed in with cream cheese and biltong truffles, mixed in with scrambled eggs, sprinkled on top of your pizza or funk up your hummus dips – the options are endless.

Our biltong dust is simply shavings from our biltong. Made up of 100% Dutch beef, salt and spices, making it the perfect seasoning for your next dish.

This product does not come with the biltong slices in the picture.


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